• secreto
    Secreto Bartato

    A man in his early thirties born to a Bagladeshian mother and a Mexican father. Owner of Barato Media, a small local Advertising Agency located in the small California town of Moakdale just a few minutes from the Mexican border. He is separated from his wife Lydia whom he continues to support by paying for her house, car and lifestyle including extensive make-up and clothing that goes along with her girly girl lifestyle.

  • mailman
    Mailman (Eugene Sarnipsky)

    An early twenties gamer geek who works at Barato Media as a web designer and jack-of-all-trades for the technical aspects of projects for his employer, Secreto Barato.

  • eddie
    Eddie (The Pencil) Mullholland

    The son of Bagladeshian immigrants, Eddie is a tough guy who has been in trouble with the law in his youth and did a short stint in prison. He is a childhood friend of Secreto and works as a salesman for developing new business for Barato Media though what he really wants to do is creative work for the agency.

  • lydia
    Lydia Barato ( #1 Wife)

    Estranged wife of Secreto Barato. She formerly worked as the receptionist at Barato Media before separating from her husband Secreto. She currently owns half of Barato Media and Secreto’s left nut.

  • monger
    The Monger Twins

    Hank and Frank joined at the hips from birth. When Two heads are better than one the brothers are there to help out.

  • characters2
    Bulldog (John Dirk Grubenheimer)

    Bulldog is his handle and he is a thirty something self-employed carpet installer. He is a friend of Secreto who he met while partying in Tijuana, Mexico.

  • characters1
    Mango (Gordon Gerder)

    Gordon is not “unemployed” he is just between jobs. He is one of Secreto’s Tijuana party friends.

  • sumo
    SUMO (Kamenosuke Turooki)

    Sumo has a weakness for big beautiful women. Given his small stature, it is not uncommon for anyone of his girlfriends to be able to carry him.